Dennis Fountaine

Dennis Fountaine has been chosen as one of our
Poets Of America in our 2013 series.

Dennis has had published various works on a variety of different themes reflecting life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Dennis Fountaine is an Inventor by profession ( He has created and developed a number of noteworthy and award winning inventions such as the very first wireless earpiece for mobile, pet products, entertainment mobile applications and even ice cream desserts. Several of his products can be currently found on store shelves.

As a "Poet of America", Dennis Fountaine embodies the truth and wisdom of a visionary and scholar and exhibits in his Poetry a new style; which invokes both empathy and serenity as well as a soulful spirituality.

Dennis' works have been well reviewed and several works like Attract and Repel, Windows In My Heart, Stars, The Mirror and Déjà Vu All Over You are nominated for various awards by Poets Of America.

Dennis Fountaine was born a triplet on Long Island. He attended Syracuse University where he majored in Film and Television Production. This is where Dennis honed his creative skills and began his writing career, which involves Poetry, Screen Writing, Graphic Novels and even the lost art of Love Letters.

Dennis continues his talents as a writer today, creating and polishing various projects in various stages of creation.

Dennis Fountaine can be reached at

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